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Monday, April 4, 2011

Lots of thoughts today.

First off, thanks for the exercise tips. It's funny that I got three different responses--same thing that happens when I do research!  Who the hell knows what is best and what we "should" and "shouldn't" do.  I'm lazy right now, so did not run for a few days! AHH.  Need to get back on that.

So, in fertility news, this is what I've got: (any input is welcome)
First off, I've used CBEFM for over a year and always get two days of high and then two days of peak.  This time, so far I've gotten 6 days in a row of high and still no peak.  This is my first time using OPKs. I got a negative at 0900 on Friday April 1st and then a positive at 10pm. The positive remained until I tested at 2pm on Sunday.  We BDd Tuesday PM March 29th, then on Friday April 1st about 10am then 11 that night.  Then the morning of Sunday April 3rd.  I had a temp rise on the 2nd and 3rd and then, like a dummy, forgot to temp this am.  I think we're ok in the BD department.  However, I'm concerned about the CBEFM never going to peak...did I ovulate? I'll keep you posted.
Oh, and I go the the RE tomorrow to get the results of my final blood work (lupus, antiphospholipid antibodies, etc.) and for him to make his recommendations.  I'm thinking I might want to talk about clomid just to increase our chances? I haven't yet talked to D about that, though... I guess that's what we'll do on the hour drive there.

Ok, did really well for two weeks with eating well and exercising. This weekend it went downhill and that's where it's remained.  Ugh! I lost 6 pounds those two weeks (ten days, whatever).  And, as usual, I see results and then F it all up with bad eating habits and no exercise. Part of this is that I'm scare of exercising right now. I know that it's probably ok, but I don't want to do anything to hurt my chances of having a baby. So, progress needed in this area.

Did I mention that D doesn't know about this blog? In fact, only a few of my IRL friends know I'm writing a blog, but none know the name/address. I wanted this to be private and more of a diary.  I do feel bad keeping it from D, though.  In fact, a couple of weeks ago he saw me reading blogs and suggested that I start my own! I just said "well, maybe one day I will." I definitely should have just told him then, but I knew he'd be curious and want to read it and there were things in it that I wasn't ready for him to read because we hadn't yet talked about them (namely my first post). We've since talked about that, so if he asks again, I may just tell him...we'll see. I don't typically keep things from him.

My BFF Morgan's 12 week US is Wednesday so keep her in your thoughts!

Annoying news:
First off, this lady I know drives me up the wall. I work with her, so unfortunately, I have to see her quite often.  The thing that drives me most crazy is that she talks about what a professional she is and then shares TMI about her professional life. It's so much that it's uncomfortable for many of us to be around her.  Well, last week, she "confided" in me that her daughter was pregnant (just took the test that morning).  Yep! She had her Mirena taken out last month and POOF, pregnant!  She didn't even know what to think.  But, it's a secret. This lady wasn't telling anyone until after first trimester (like any of us even cared, anyway!).  Well, this morning, I overheard her telling several other people.  Then, a fellow coworker came up and said "I guess the pregnancy is not a secret anymore".  I just laughed. All of us had individually been"confided in" and then she made a big spectacle announcement later in the week!  What is this lady's problem!?  Oh, and today she talked about how her daughter will deliver at this specific hospital, it's great group, yadda, yadda, yadda.  She's 5 weeks pregnant.  Slow down, lady!  But, that's probably just jealousy speaking...right? Do most people start planning and telling everyone this early? I didn't with either pregnancy.  My parents didn't even know! I asked the coworkers around me (keep in mind that we work in OB and also that none of them know my history or even that I'm TTC) and we all concluded that the behavior is bizarre.  I think this lady just craves attention.  It's like even if something bad happens or she miscarries, at least she'll get the attention from that.  But, maybe I'm being a bad person. Maybe that's just how she copes by actually opening up and sharing with people (unlike others I know, hint, hint).  Anyway, just wanted to share that experience.

I realize this post was all over today! Thanks for reading (if you made it through).  I'm feeling so much better than I did 10 days-a week ago.  Hopefully this 2WW will go fast. Spring is in the air, etc etc.  Thanks for seeing me through rough patch.  I'm sure there's many more to come, but today I'm ok.

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  1. ...Usually our minds are "all over" while TTC, though, right? So this post was fitting. So much to wonder, to try, to figure, to think about, to hope...

    The lady you work with sounds SO annoying. And clueless. And what makes her more annoying is that her daughter had no trouble getting pregnant, and will likely have a complication-free pregnancy, just to annoy more. Not that anyone wishes for anything less for her, we wish the reality of a beautiful pregnancy and delivery was true for EVERY woman who wants to have a baby. Sadly, it just ain't so for some of us, and that's where Grandma Annoying is so clueless, not even considering the chance others don't want her TMI because it is hurtful and... well, ANNOYING. At least you and your other co-workers can "complain" about her to each other.

    I was surprised that D doesn't know about your blog. It's good he is supportive of the idea, and when the time is right to share it with him, you'll know. My DH doesn't know about my blog, either. He is an intensely private person and would not like me sharing our troubles with the world, though he understands MY need for sharing and expression is part of who I am. He knows I've been writing (but doesn't know it's blogging) a lot lately, and he did ask if sometime he'll be able to read it. I just said maybe...

    Thank you for your comment on my blog and positive wishes. I appreciate support, even from afar, and am grateful to have made "contact" with you. I'm glad you are doing much better than a week or 10 days ago. When we're going through those rough patches we wonder if/how we'll ever get out. And then we do, whew; it is a very good thing. Keep looking up and forward! (: