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Saturday, April 2, 2011

CD 15

Today is Cycle Day 15. I always ovulate on cycle day 11...or so I thought. This is my first month using OPKs along with the CBEFM.  I bought the cheapy wondfo's so that I could test as many times as I want. I started testing on CD 8 (a little premature, I know) and got my first + last night.  This does coincide with the rest of my signs. My temp is acting crazy.  My mucous is typical. My CBEFM is still just reading high instead of peak (even today!). I had a +OPK this morning and this afternoon.  So, hopefully ovulation is near?  I wonder if m/c causes the next cycle to be funky. It's strange that I'm ovulating later than usual.  Anyway, D and I BD'd yesterday morning, and last night. We both worked today and he won't be home until 1-2 am.  We'll probably BD. Then again tomorrow afternoon.  Sound good enough? Think it will be ok that we couldn't today? Anyway, I'm curious what my temp will do tomorrow.  Hopefully up, up, up.

I'm feeling a lot better than the last few times I posted.  Yesterday was a very good day for us. We trained at the rock climbing gym by our home, which was fun.  It's hard but we both enjoyed it.  Then, we did some shopping. It was nice to do fun stuff together!  Thank you all for your comments. It's nice to know people care and can relate.

One more question: how do you feel about exercise and the two week wait? I've been doing the C25K, as previously mentioned, and want to keep it up. But, I'm scared to do it. Any thoughts? Also, think the rock climbing gym would be ok during 2ww? I'm finally back on the health bandwagon and don't want to fall off!  Thanks for the advice.


  1. Stopped by after I read your great comment on "Diary of Small Steps Towards Baby Steps". Now your newest follower. Can't wait to read more.

    (and hear everyone's advice about exercise. My thoughts: you'll know when you're overdoing it. Your body will tell you - so if you enjoy it. Climb away!...and have a blast.)

  2. Congrats on the +opk! Your timing sounds perfect to me. Probably good that you're having a 1 day break, it will allow hubby to replenish :)

    As for exercise, I've read you should try to keep your heart rate below 140bpm, but I think common sense prevails with this. As long as you aren't pushing yourself like crazy, and aren't lifting super heavy weights, you should be fine!

  3. I don't think exercise will impact your chances. Exercise releases happy endorphins, which are only going to help your mind and body. Go for it! Best of luck this cycle too. Will be checking for updates!!